Sections of the Poem

  1. Brithnoth Decides to Fight (PART I)

  2. Brithnoth Prepares his Array

  3. The Vikings Parley

  4. The Tide Delays the Fighting

  5. Brithnoth Sets a Guard over the Ford

  6. The Vikings are Baulked

  7. Brithnoth Allows the Vikings to Cross

  8. The Battle is Joined (PART II)

  9. The Essex Men Stand Fast

  10. A Viking Attacks Brithnoth

  11. A Second Viking Wounds Brithnoth

  12. Brithnoth's Dying Words

  13. Godric Begins the Fight (PART III)

  14. Many Continue the Battle

  15. The Last Stand of the Thanes (PART IV)

Viking swords